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You will be so jealous of your kids hair this summer with this hair tutorial, that you will be doing it on yourself… And I totally recommend you do!!!

It’s about time I kicked my ass into gear and shared with you another hair tutorial!! Truth is, life has been a bit like Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz when the tornado hits!! So, I haven’t even been doing any hairstyles on my little one other than a standard pony (Oh, the trauma). Which has well and truly bit me in the ass to be honest. I have been so busy, I could have done with not having to do her hair every single day to bide me more time..


Which is why I love sharing my hair tutorials with you guys, because it saves so much time!! Extra half hour in bed?? Yes please! And honestly, people think you have your shit together when your kids hair looks good, even if you don’t… Life hacks all round!!! I absolutely LOVE this hairstyle!!! It’s sooo cute. Makes her look like Princess Jasmine or like a genie princess. It lasted through the sleep test too, so you could definitely get away with leaving this in for a couple of days (or more). It took me about 20 minutes, but take your time. If you find braids a bit of a hefty task to do, then this is definitely a hairstyle for you, because it is so much more simple and easy to do with the same affect.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think. Like it, comment on it and if you are in an extra special good mood today, subscribe! Let me know if you recreate it and if you did, tell me if you found it easy or not to follow. Your feedback means everything, because I only really do these tutorials for you guys! If you do try it out yourselves, share it on your stories or posts and don’t forget to tag me in them! I would love to see.


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