MTAM Journey / Unfiltered Thoughts


I have been meaning to create this video for you guys for a while, seeing as there was a lot of votes for it on my Instagram poll a while ago. But I had no idea I would get emotional about it!!

A lot of people see me on social media promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle and they always think that it comes easy and natural to me, and that I have always been this way. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, I do struggle still and I do have help. So I wanted to share a completely raw, real, straight from the heart review and just share with you my real journey.

You can now watch it in full over on my YouTube channel. Make sure to watch it until the very end for my super special announcement!! Something that I have been working on for a long time now and that I am incredibly excited to finally share with you guys. But it was important for me to get my story out first. Go give it a watch, like, comment what you are excited about, if you can relate to my journey or if it inspired you to start on your own, I would love to know! Most importantly, don’t forget to subscribe to stay tuned for what’s coming!!!


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